Kilombo Festival

17.−19.8.2018 Kalasatama, Helsinki

Kilombo Festival on ensimmäinen Afrikan ja afrodiasporan musiikkiin ja tanssitaiteeseen keskittyvä kulttuurifestivaali Helsingissä

Kilombo Festival is the first cultural festival in Helsinki specializing in African and Afrodiasporan music and dance art

Summary in English

Kilombo Festival is the first cultural festival in Helsinki presenting music and dance art from Africa and African diaspora. Since the first festival in 2014 we have had in our program workshops of African dances and music from Burkina Faso, Guinea and Benin. From Afro diaspora we have presented Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Haitian dances and music.

This year´s artists and teachers present dances and music from Senegal, Peru and Cuba. The weekend will be full of colourful dance workshops with live percussion, bazaar, food market and Kilombo Jam Fiesta on Friday night at Teurastamo and Kilombo Club on Saturday night at Restaurant Cactus in Käpylä.

Kilombo Festival 2018


FRIDAY 17.8.


Short introduction to Sabar tradition by dance and music researcher Elina Seye (Jazz Factory). Free admission!


Sabar intro - dance and percussion workshops for beginners (Jazz Factory).


Kilombo Jam Fiesta, Bazaar & Kitchen (Teurastamo). Performers: Kuukumina, Afrika Akay Degg & DJ El Pibe. Free admission!



Dance and music workshops (Jazz Factory and Azembora dance school)


Club Kilombo (Restaurant Cactus). Performers: Pierr Padilla Vásquez, Sila Fato, Habana Helsinki & DJ Borzin. Ticket15/12 € + cloakroom. Presale online.

SUNDAY 19.8.


Dance and music workshops (Jazz Factory and Azembora dance school).

Artists and Workshops

Kilombo Festival provides a spectacular variety of African and Afrodiasporan dance and music workshops with international teachers and live music accompaniment!

The festival has invited acclaimed artists to teach and perform in the festival.

Mamy Sagna, Ismaila Sané and Malick Ndieye from Senegal.

Pierr Padilla Vásquez from Peru.

Jesús la Rosa Pérez  from Cuba.

Karoliina Halsti-Ndiaye, Ossi Raippalinna and Elina Seye from Finland.

Click here to read more about the teachers.

Click here to see the workshop timetable. Register to the workshops through Kilombo Shop online store.



Azembora dance school (Sörnäisten rantatie 33 C) and Jazz Factory (Suvilahdenkatu 10/ Sörnäisten rantatie 33).

Kilombo Jam Fiesta & Bazaar

Teurastamo (Työpajankatu 2).

Club Kilombo

Restaurant Cactus (Mäkelänkatu 91, Käpylä).

Kilombo Festival 2018